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Masterclasses strike a chord with Perse music students

10 Nov 2017

Perse music students have been given expert advice thanks to masterclasses from members of the renowned Doric String Quartet and leading singing teacher Linda Hutchison.

Doric violinists Alex Redington and Jonathan Stone and viola player Helene Clement dropped into The Perse and provided tips on how students could play stringed instruments in different ways to create certain sounds and feelings.

Founded in 1998 as teenagers, the British group have performed all over the world, won a number of international music prizes and recorded several albums.

Group leader Alex said the Doric musicians had enjoyed passing on their tips through the workshops.

He said: “An extremely important part of a musician’s life is to share their experience with young people. That’s how we learn and how traditions are passed on and I think the kids get a lot out of having new faces come in with a different perspective and work with them on these amazing pieces.”

Alex explains why he thinks learning music is so important in schools below.

Former opera singer Linda Hutchison also visited the music department to work with some of the Perse’s talented vocalists.

A former president of the British Voice Association, she recently wrote a book with speech pathologist Ron Morris, entitled If In Doubt, Breathe Out!, which explores the use of the Accent Method – a technique based on the structure and function of the respiratory system and developing effective breathing and support in singers.

During her session, she gave advice on techniques to the young vocalists, whose performances ranged from pop to classical, that they could use to improve their tone and delivery, including moving like a monkey and invisible hula hooping!

Listen to Jonathan Black performing Caldara’s Alma del Core below.

Linda said she was thrilled by the quality of the singers she had worked with at The Perse.

She said: “I’ve been terribly impressed. I’ve been very pleased with what I’ve heard, not just with the work they’ve done, but the wholehearted way they’ve allowed me to get them to try things, so it’s been a great pleasure.”

Hear Linda talk more about the messages she had hoped to get across to the students and what had pleased her about the session below.

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