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Essay prize success for Perse student

9 Oct 2017

Emilia Feldman (Upper Sixth) has enjoyed success in the Institute of Economics Affairs’ Dorian Fisher Memorial Essay Competition.

Her three-part essay assessing the Euro, the meaning of rationality and which subject should be added to the A level syllabus was highly commended by the judges at a presentation in London.

Emilia, who plans to go on to study economics at university, was thrilled to make it into the top bracket of entrants for the IEA competition.

She said: “The main part was on the Euro and I did a few weeks of research looking at different opinions by columnists and to write it, it took me about a week for every part.

“I was really pleased because I’d entered not expecting to win, but just to show that I wanted to study economics and then when I found out I did well. I was really surprised.”

Listen to a full interview with Emilia below.


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