The Perse School

Perse pupils get crafty in workshops with established artists

9 Oct 2017

Year 11 art pupils gained an insight into using different materials in day-long workshops with established artists.

Ceramic artist Chris Taylor helped students make their own ceramic transfers, using screen print, with the transfers then being applied to slip-decorated slabs alongside manufactured transfer prints. The resulting slabs were then made into 3D pots.

Tin cans were used by the pupils to produce their own pinhole image with artist Justin Quinnell.

They exposed light sensitive paper and had the chance to see their photograph develop in a traditional dark room set-up before using modern technology to form a positive image from the negative.

Renowned wire work artist Steven Follen led a workshop in which students created 3D wire creations, translated from initial drawings from life.

Head of Art Anne Cunningham said: “The aim of the day was for students to gain understanding of a variety of materials under the guidance of practising artists and to produce their own series of work that will then become part of their GCSE-assessed portfolio.”

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