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New Science labs officially opened at the Prep

15 Sep 2017

Two very special guests cut the ribbon to mark the official opening of the Perse Prep’s new science labs.

As part of the Prep’s Science Day, Sir Mike Gregory and Tim Minshall were in attendance to launch the outstanding new facilities.

Professor Gregory was one of the founders of Cambridge University Department of Engineering’s Institute of Manufacturing in 1998, whilst Dr Minshall is head of the IfM’s Centre for Technology Management.

Prep headmaster James Piper said: “I am thrilled that we have two such eminent scientists in our midst, with Cambridge being a world-renowned centre for science.

“It is fitting that we will be able to enjoy such wonderful facilities that complement this rich heritage and exciting future with a space that will encourage experiential learning and is in keeping with the Perse values of intellectual curiosity and scholarship.”

The Prep’s Head of Science Ashley Artaman said he was delighted with the new facilities and was honoured that Prof Gregory and Dr Minshall had conducted the official opening following a question and answer session.

He added: “The new labs have allowed us to take our curriculum and fly with it. We can now do what we want, how we want to do it.

“Our curriculum is very hands on and about the children taking part, and with these facilities, we can show them the joy of science. They learn from doing rather than watching, which is fantastic.”

Prof Gregory said: “The facilities are nothing short of magnificent. The space, the equipment, the light are all calculated to make science and technology interesting and exciting.”

Following the official opening, pupils were thrilled by the arrival of a hovercraft on the school ground, courtesy of Hoveraid, a charity being supported by the Perse Prep this year.

Children designed and built their own mini hovercraft using compact discs, and after a presentation from Hoveraid representative Andy Mayo about their work in remote communities in Madagascar, some lucky pupils even got to have a ride in the hovercraft on Leighton lawn!

Mr Artaman said: “We wanted something really visual and something they can go home and talk about and the hovercraft has done that nicely.”

Listen to our interview with Prof Gregory and Dr Minshall below.


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