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Perse sixth former Jiaqi Chen wins gold medal in the International Biology Olympiad

1 Aug 2017

Jiaqi Chen (Upper Sixth) has won a gold medal at the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) held at the University of Warwick last week. Her ranking of 15th in the world places her as the most successful participant representing the United Kingdom.

The competition involved participants from 68 countries around the world, with competitors from as far flung as Armenia, Australia, Vietnam and Brazil taking part. Students had to undergo  rigorous examination and training to have the opportunity to represent their respective countries. The Perse’s Jiaqi Chen competed against over 7,500 students from 675 schools to be one of four students representing the UK in the international grand final in Coventry.

In preparation for the finals, the UK team trained in world-class locations such as Kew Gardens to study botany. They also visited the University of Reading to do training in cell biology and biochemistry.

In the Olympiad, Jiaqi took on a series of practical and theoretical exams, with topics ranging from biochemistry to botany to physiology. Of the experience, Jiaqi said: “You get to use so many pieces of equipment you’ve never been able to use before. It’s almost like having a free research placement. You get used to a different mode of thinking, and you learn so many skills which I don’t think I would ever have been able to get without this experience. I’m very grateful for that.”

To see a video of Jiaqi representing the UK alongside her teammates at the IBO opening ceremony, click here.

Visit our Facebook page to see a Facebook Live interview from the University of Warwick.

To see a full list of results on the International Biology Olympiad website, click here.

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