The Perse School

Prep pupils adapt poetry for the stage in final production

3 Jul 2017

This summer’s Centre Stage production was ‘Cautionary Tales’, a series of entertaining and imaginative plays based on the poems of the same name by Hilaire Belloc.

The misadventures of characters such as Jim, George, Matilda and Rebecca provided witty life lessons for children of a similar age and inclination to misbehave.

Director, Mr de Albuquerque, felt that the humour and dark twists made the poems instantly accessible for young audiences. The cast helped to write the scripts and to direct their own mini-plays, a process which they embraced with enthusiasm. Children loved “working together as a team and making it happen”. Highlights of the performance included Monsieur Champignon’s comic criticism of George’s slovenly habits, Rebecca’s ‘slamming doors’ and the lion’s pursuit of the zookeeper.

The powerful music and rousing songs were written for the production by Mr Harris and Mr de Albuquerque and created a fabulous finale for such a memorable production.

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