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Perse works with Mayfield Primary to fundraise for reading bus

5 Jul 2017

The Perse have joined forces with Mayfield Primary School to raise money for their reading bus.

The children need to raise £8000 to cover the outside of the bus with designs which have been produced by pupils at the school. The bus will be completely recovered in the designs from the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland which the children have designed and drawn themselves.  The bus is currently situated in the school playground and is used as a library where children can read with their friends.

One child in Year 5, called Michela said; “I think that if we decorate the bus into something that looks better, then children at the school will feel like they are being transported into the world of Alice in Wonderland which will be amazing.”

Another child in Year 5 called Phoebe said; “I struggle with reading, like so many children here, so if our bus looked nice it would make me want to go inside it and then I would read more.” Cathy, also in Year 5 said; “I have recently moved here from China and so the reading bus is a new thing for me. I would love it if it looked nice as it would make me want to read inside it.”

The school has set up a fundraising page online where anyone can make a donation to the project. The children are using the hashtag #readinbus, to generate support for the project on social media and hope that famous authors will donate books they have written as well as tweet to show their support for the project.



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