The Perse School

Prep pupils dazzle at West Road Concert Hall

28 Jun 2017

Last week, pupils from all age ranges at the Prep School were given the opportunity to step into the shoes of professional musicians and to perform in the University’s West Road Concert Hall.

Prep pupils played in an impressive variety of music ensembles and the whole school orchestra, made up of over a quarter of the School, flooded the concert hall with beautiful music by Hadyn.

The teamwork and dedication of the pupils were evident in their effortless rendition of classical and modern music. Year 3 pupils made their West Road debut and played the violin with impressive flair considering several of them had only started to learn the instrument in class from September. Pupils described the experience with enthusiasm and particularly enjoyed the way the concerts gave ‘everyone a chance to shine’. Many thanks to our talented Head of Music, Paul Harris, and his team of peripatetic music teachers for creating such wonderful evenings.

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