The Perse School

Perse mathematicians come 4th nationally

21 Jun 2017

A team of Year 8 and 9 Perseans have come 4th in the National Final of the UKMT (United Kingdon Mathematics Trust)  Team Maths Challenge.

The team, consisting of Aady Nagarajan, Michael Lin, Jude Burling and Alex Walker, competed against 88 other schools in the final, having qualified for the finals from a pool of 1700 schools.

The competition involved strong teamwork, communication and speed, as well as mathematical skill and ingenuity. There were four rounds requiring the competitors to either work together as a team of four, or in pairs, to tackle a variety of challenging problems including code breaking, logic puzzles, cross-numbers and geometrical challenges. The Perse team scored especially highly on the cross-number and mini-relay rounds, both of which required a great deal of strategy, decision making and speed. The event also included a poster competition, for which the teams needed to research the topic of ‘Polyominoes’ and produce a poster for the display.

The pupils enjoyed meeting contestants from other schools, and were treated to a talk by popular Science author Simon Singh, who emphasised the importance of teamwork and intellectual flexibility in a variety of modern careers.

For many of the team’s members, this isn’t the first time they’ve achieved highly in national maths competitions, as team member Alex Walker came second in the BEBRAS Computational Thinking Challenge held at Oxford University earlier in the year.


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