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Charity run raises over £3000 for Nepalese school

23 Jun 2017

Pupils Priya Maiti, Arushi Mandal and Tisa Manandhar reflect on this year’s Colour Run in Wembley Park:

On Sunday 11 June, 42 Year 10 Perse students gathered together to participate in the 2017 London Colour Run at Wembley Park. This was to raise money to rebuild a hostel in Him Ganga school in Nepal. As excitement built up on the bus journey there, many students put on colourful and glittery attire.

When we arrived at Wembley Park, we were surrounded by the other runners participating in the Colour Run and everyone agreed that there was an uplifting buzz. We started to warm up with a lively dance routine and were eagerly anticipating the run whilst we queued. Soon after the race began, we found ourselves at the first colour stop. As we dashed through the gate, we emerged finding ourselves, coated in green powder.

Following this was the pink gate and then the foam. The foam was especially cooling as it was a very hot day and with the addition of running, we needed the refreshment. A few of us became a little pre-occupied by the foam-fights, and came out drenched in white bubbles. Although some of us were tired by this point, the lively atmosphere surrounding us kept us going. We then passed through an explosion of orange and bounded on to the last gate, receiving encouraging high-fives from runners going in the opposite direction. This last gate was a different colour for everyone but, by the end, everyone had become doused in bright colours.

However, the fun wasn’t over yet. What followed was a colour festival. We were each given a different packet of coloured powder and we followed the sound of the music pounding in our ears, to a stage surrounded by cheerful, animated people. Every fifteen minutes, we would get the opportunity to throw our colour packets into the air to create a cloud of colour above our heads. A fantastic way to end the run!

We participated in this event to raise money for rebuilding a Perse hostel in Nepal. It was previously built using Perse funds in 1996. As the only school within a day’s walk, children who lived far away could not go to school. Therefore, the creation of the hostel resulted in a way for children to gain the education that everyone deserves. Unfortunately, the hostel was destroyed in the Nepal earthquake of 2015.

We managed to raise an enormous sum of £3166.25, far more than our £2000 goal, all thanks to parents’, teachers’ and the students’ incredible fundraising efforts. Specials thanks goes to Mrs Kenzie, Mr Cross, Mr Cerny, Mr St John, and Miss Freeman for giving up their Sunday to join in on the run. We would especially like to thank Mrs Kenzie, because without her we wouldn’t have been able to organise this amazing event.

Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable way to raise money and really was the “happiest 5K in the world”.


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