The Perse School

Year 4 go into the wild in Abington

26 May 2017

Year 4 pupils Finn, Isabel and Guy give an account of their trip to Abington woods.

On Friday 19 May, we went on an amazing camping trip in Bluebell Woods in Abington. We played some wonderful games such as ‘Man Hunt’, ‘Alien’ and ‘40 40 in’.

After the games and exploring the woods, we set up the tents and found out who we were to be sharing a tent with. Then we had a delicious dinner – we were very excited that it was burritos!

We played some more games then went to the campfire to drink hot chocolate, roast marshmallows (some were a bit black!) and sing campfire songs such as ‘Cecil the Caterpillar’ and ‘The Little Baby Bumble Bee’ (who, sadly, got squashed!)

Soon after the campfire we went to bed, but we got fifteen minutes to play ‘Worm Wars.’

The next day, we had a breakfast of bacon sandwiches, packed up, and set off back to the Prep.

Special thanks to Mr Parker, the PES team and all the staff that came with us.

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