The Perse School

Prep get building with PES

16 May 2017

Year 6 pupils from the Prep School spent their Tuesday morning at the Upper with the Perse Exploration Society (PES).

Split into three groups, the pupils built fires using minimal supplies, baked bread and constructed tepees. Ben Parker, Head of Outdoor Pursuits, encouraged the group constructing the tepees to think about any mitigating factors there could be when assembling structures. One member of each group was elected to wear a blindfold, and other group members had to instruct the blindfolded pupil where to tie knots, how to embed the structure into the ground and how to cover it adequately. This task helped the pupils communicate as clearly as possible, and work with one another to provide the most simple but detailed instructions to every group member.

For the fire-building task, pupils experimented with how to produce different kinds of smoke signals. Having very basic materials to work with, pupils tried many different techniques in their groups to ensure the fire took hold, learning what a difficult feat this could be in the wild. The cooking team made bread together, learning how on outdoor expeditions, due to weight constraints, it’s best to make simple dishes which also provide adequate sustenance.

All pupils rotated between each station, having the opportunity to try out which aspects of outdoor pursuits they liked best and which they found the most challenging. Thanks to a sunny morning and a well-led morning, Prep pupils seemed to thoroughly enjoy their expedition.

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