The Perse School

Perse pupils get political in mock elections

19 May 2017

Students from across the School are taking part in a mock election, in anticipation of the General Election on June 8.

Candidates representing the major parties have been running since Monday 15 May, with hustings featuring in assemblies and promotional materials being handed out across the School.

As part of the mock election campaigns, a mock debate is being held in the Lecture Theatre at 1:15 on Friday 19.

Year 10 student Kirill Nezhentsev will be chairing the debate. Listen below to an interview with Kirill explaining what a mock election is, and discussing young peoples’ involvement in politics.

The full list of student candidates is detailed below:

Labour Party- Milo Ward-Thomas

Conservative Party – Archie Bowman

Liberal-Democrats – Sasha Karabasova

UKIP – Lewis Black

Green Party – Todor Gibson Ralevic

SNP – William Burton

Plaid Cmyru – Jonathan Black

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