The Perse School

Pelicans explore the world with Languages Day

26 May 2017

Children at the Pelican School have spent a day focusing on countries around the world and the many languages that their friends speak.

The day began with a whole school assembly, where Years 1 and 2 sang songs in both French and Spanish to the Reception and Nursery groups. To encourage the younger children to practise speaking these languages at break time, Year 1 and 2 showed everyone how to play familiar games such as Duck, Duck, Goose and Grandmother’s Footsteps in both French and Spanish. They also performed an extensive recital of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt entirely in French, impressing both Pelicans and teachers alike.

Throughout the day, the children took part in group activities in the sun, naming various animals in different languages, learning how different cultures greet one another and hearing about the different countries their friends are from, or have parents from. At break time the children devised their very own Tour de France competition, taking it in turns to race one another around the playground.

The children also had the opportunity to sample the delicacies of different cultures at lunch time, with an edamame bean and tofu salad on offer from Japan, sausages from Germany and potato pancakes from Lithuania.

A great diversity of countries were represented on Languages Day, with children sporting flags and cultural attire from Holland, Japan, Greece, Canada, Jamaica and many more countries, reflecting the truly global nature of our Pelican pupils.

To see one of our bilingual pupils, Eloise, discuss what it’s like to speak both English and French, watch the video below:


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