The Perse School

History lessons come alive at the Prep

9 May 2017

Saxon Day provided Year 4 with an inspiring introduction to the Anglo-Saxon period.

Children enjoyed dressing up as lords, ladies, thanes and ceorls, and learned how Anglo-Saxon dress reflected aspects of life at the time. Year 4 pupils were given the opportunity to step into the shoes of archaeologists, investigating a mock Anglo-Saxon grave. They listened in awe to explanations of the different layers of the pagan grave, and identified features of the characters to determine their social class.

Another highlight of the day was an introduction to Viking culture. Children created a unique Viking name for themselves and learned how to write it in runes.

A fascinating demonstration about the development of armour and weaponry during the Anglo-Saxon period encouraged children to imagine what it was like to be a military leader at the time. They enjoyed trying on armour and helmets as well as playing military instruments. The fabulous finale of the day was a dramatic re-enactment of a battle between Guthrum, a Danish leader, and King Alfred the Great. Year 4 practised military skills and embraced the opportunity to fight in formation, an experience which they described as “awesome and exciting”.

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