The Perse School

The Prep go back in time with Medieval Day

28 Apr 2017

Year 5 children were transported back in time to Medieval Britain as part of their study of the period.

Medieval Day started with a fascinating talk about medieval fashion which gave invaluable insights into the religious and social context of the period. Children enjoyed dressing up in clothes from the era, and imagined what it would be like to be a Lord or a Lady at that time.

Year 5 embraced the group challenge of planning a year at a manor, ensuring they grew and produced adequate food for the household as well as enough to sell at the market. Other highlights of the day were using a quill to write in a fashion reminiscent of Magna Carta scribes, and designing a personal coat of arms. Pupils were encouraged to imagine what it was like to be a mounted Norman knight, and learned how the use of the horse transformed medieval warfare. They enjoyed trying on armour and learning about the development of weapons during medieval times.

The climax of the day was an exciting re-enactment of the Battle of Bannockburn during which children took part in archery, jousting and saw what skills were necessary to hone for military service.

Year 5 pupils described the day as “a fun, interactive and exciting way of bringing history to life.”

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