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MSDC’s “The Daily Plays” taps in to current affairs

28 Apr 2017

Erin Charles recounts the Middle Schools Drama Company’s devised performances which took place on Friday lunch time.

On 24 April, the Middle School Drama Company were given the day’s newspapers. Their task: to devise a response to some of the biggest headlines. They had four days to create and rehearse their scenes, before presenting them in front of an audience on Friday lunchtime.

The Company split into three groups, taking inspiration from The Independent, The Times and The Daily Mail.

The first play tackled The Independent’s headline “How to survive the dinner party from hell”, and saw Ailsa Barr and Jonny Markus serve up a questionable feast by Blythe White. Much to the amusement of the audience, they found themselves unwittingly eating various offcuts of their fellow dinner guests. Unfortunately, neither guest seems to have read The Independent’s article, as an after-dinner trip to the kitchen led to their demise.

The second play looked to The Times for inspiration, dealing with the “Clampdown on driving test cheats who use Bluetooth.”Gabrielle Gadsby and Lewis Long attempted to pass their driving tests, instructed by Milo Ward-Thomas and Scott Simmonds. After struggling to start the cars, reversing up the kerb, a narrow miss with a deer (Benedict Hannam) and running over a rabbit (twice!) it seems unsurprising that neither candidate passed their test – despite Lewis using a Bluetooth headset!

The final play was based on The Daily Mail headline “It’s like Tories AND Labour being obliterated… by a woman they hail new Joan of Arc”, and was set in the study of French Presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen (Lizzie Freestone). Le Pen found herself visited by a number of historical figures, warning her about the way she deals with other countries. After speaking with Joan of Arc (Tom Blake), Napoleon (Oli Buckingham), Charles de Gaulle (Rupert Gardiner), Felix Platypus (Ben Heath) and Marie Antoinette (Riley Traub), Le Pen decided to give up leading the Front National… to become a liberal!

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