The Perse School

Children become their storybook heroes for World Book Day

7 Mar 2017

The themes of mystery and adventure inspired Prep children to transform into a variety of literary characters for World Book Day. Popular children’s authors, Helen Moss and Caroline Lawrence, visited the Prep and gave children an insight into the world of books.

Helen Moss explained that her mysteries revolved around the theme of friendship as much as the crime itself. She gave a captivating account of her research of exotic settings and actual cases for her books.  Budding writers were given advice about how to write a mystery and her workshops gave children further opportunity to develop their creative writing.  The children invented their own vehicles inspired by an animal such as a phoenix inspired car and a dragon inspired plane.  A highlight of the talk was a dramatic reading of a passage from The Mystery of the Black Salamander during which children created the sound effects for the exciting getaway scene.  The number of questions posed by children throughout the talk and workshops served as an accolade to such an inspiring and approachable author.

Caroline Lawrence gave a dynamic and entertaining talk about how to write a great story. She explained elements of successful story writing which included the seven step plot structure, five key characters and the setting. Comic and relevant examples from films such as Paddington and Moana illustrated her points and appealed to the children’s sense of humour.  Caroline described her love of the world of Ancient Rome and ignited children’s enthusiasm with funny anecdotes of life at the time.  Children listened in awe to a description of the opening of her new series, The Roman Quests, and were queuing up to order copies of the books at the end of the talk.  A lovely highlight of the morning was when Caroline gave a signed first edition of The Case of the Deadly Desperados to one of our pupils.  Millie had dressed up as her “favourite character” Lupus for World Book Day and is a devoted fan of Caroline’s books.


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