The Perse School

Prep students bring Dr Seuss to life in colourful musical

24 Mar 2017

Year 6 embarked on their production of Seussical the Musical this week. The play, written by Eric Idle, weaves together a number of Dr Seuss characters and narratives into one crazy tale, and has been in rehearsal since September. It follows Horton, a rather bumbling but kind-hearted elephant, who goes on a mission to save an entire civilisation. Through his adventure, Horton learns of the power of his imagination and recognises that ‘a person’s a person, no matter how small’. The performance also includes a touching love story, celebrates the importance of perseverance and promotes kindness as the best form of medicine.

The play is triple casted, with a different group of 24 children taking the lead roles each night and performing in the ensemble on the other evenings. Perse Prep audience members who watched a dress rehearsal described the play as “absolutely brilliant”, and particularly loved the character of Gertrude for her ability to “never give up.” They also enjoyed the inventive and comical props which flooded the stage with colour, such as the “overflowing bathtub”. This is, without doubt, one of the most vibrant, surreal and musically complex shows to ever take to the Perse Prep stage, and it is a fitting tribute in the 60th anniversary year of The Cat in the Hat story that Year 6 have risen to the challenge with such talent and enthusiasm.

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