The Perse School

Perse Chair of Governors Sir David Wright gives Inspiring Lecture

20 Mar 2017

Sir David spoke to the 42 dressed in his ambassadorial uniform. The uniform dates from the late 19th – early 20th Centuries. It has now sadly been phased out and Sir David pointed out that before that it was generally only used by Ambassadors to countries with a Royal family.

Sir David joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on graduation from Cambridge and was sent to Japan to learn Japanese. This kick started a long and distinguished career with postings in both the Far East and the UK. Highlights included three years as Private Secretary to the Prince of Wales, and time as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Korea and subsequently Japan.

Sir David gave three pieces of advice to Perse pupils. Firstly learn a language – the ability to speak another language fluently (in his case Japanese and French) opens career doors. Secondly be precise in the use of language. Whether in diplomacy or in law accurate use of language is essential for communication and thorough understanding. Thirdly do not underestimate the importance of presentation and public speaking skills as an excellent delivery will enhance good content.

Sir David answered a range of questions including the differences between embassies and consulates, the relationship between China and North Korea, and reasons for geo political tension in the South China Sea.

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