The Perse School

Pelican students roar about Linton Zoo trip

10 Mar 2017

Year 1 children visited Linton Zoo as part of their study on animals and their habitats.

The day was full of getting to know more about many creatures, as well as discovering a few new friendly favourites. The pupils not only watched animals in their enclosures, but stroked and held many too, including guinea pigs, tortoises and snakes.

Speaking to Oak and Pine classes on their return to School, Yuhan said she liked the toucans the best: “I liked their colourful beaks, they were really beautiful.” Thavish, however, preferred the big cats: “One of my favourite colours is orange, so I really loved the tigers.”

The children reported meeting a wide-range of animals at the zoo, varying from snow owls and snow leopards to, in Amy’s words, “a ginormous zebra.” Some of the animals even spoke back to the children, with Isabelle reporting: “A very cool talking parrot said hello to me.”

Whilst creating tropical habitats in Arts and Crafts class back at School, the children spoke about the animals they had met the day before, and discussed which of them came from the rainforest and which didn’t. Ruolan said she was excited to learn that tigers like the one she met at the zoo also live in the rainforest, and made her own tiger for her model rainforest.

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