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Perse seek to find bridge to Twickenham over Trent

3 Mar 2017

The Perse School 1st XV Under 18 boys are looking forward to the biggest rugby match of their lives this weekend, as they prepare to take on Trent College, Nottingham, in the semi-final of the NatWest Vase.

The match, which will take place at the Saracens home ground of Allianz Park, London, will be the culmination of several years hard work and training for many of the squad, who have been playing Perse rugby since joining the Upper School 6 or 7 years ago.

Team coach and head of rugby, Liam St John believes the boys don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but just keep on doing what they have done to get this far.

“We’re really excited to being playing on a great stage in front of a large crowd. At the end of the day it’s a pitch with two posts at either end, and the boys just need to play to their strengths and think on their feet to make the most of the occasion.”

Listen to Liam St John talking about how the team have been preparing for their big game.

Captain Alex Lockie, (upper sixth) says the team are fast, with the line-out being one of their best weapons.

“Our strength is not just in individual players but it’s about the whole team and how well we all work together. There’s something really special about playing with your school friends that you have been with for so long.”

Listen to Alex Lockie giving an overview of the rugby season and his expectations for this weekend.

The team: Alex Lockie (Captain) Sam Featherstone,  Nicolas Budenberg, Jack Rusted, Hasan Cuthbert, Jasper Dix, Tom Whitehead,

Alex Coles, Louis McManus, George Laing, Conor Fairhead, Henry Hackett, Edmund Laing, Jack Chivers, William Tyrrell, Joe Arthur,

George Gadsby, Edward Kilcommons, Sacha Abbasi, John Matthew Barker, Findlay Thompson, Daniel Arbide,

Patrick Love (TR) Ciaran McNally (TR)

Kick off is Saturday 4 March 2017 at 11am and entrance to the ground is free.

Perse families and members of the public are all welcome to go along and watch the game

The game will also be streamed live on YouTube via

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