The Perse School

Inaugural STEM Activity Day plants its roots at the Prep

30 Mar 2017

Wednesday 29 March saw the Perse Prep School’s first ever STEM House Activity Day.

Inspired by Cambridge as a centre for technology and engineering, and drawing on lessons from Science, Maths and DT, the children worked in teams to create their very own catapults.
The process included designing, making and developing their ideas, and working collaboratively with children from their house across the four year groups. Their constructions were then rigorously tested for power, accuracy and distance, and the pupils had to present how they made their creations as efficient and effective as possible.

The pupils worked in their teams diligently, and produced some very sophisticated catapults in their groups. It was a very close competition with great scores from all groups with Barbarians just taking the lead overall.

A huge congratulations to the children on their efforts and for making the day so enjoyable.

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