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Perse pupils win trophy in Rotary Technology challenge

10 Feb 2017

This week Perse students took part in the annual Rotary Technology Challenge by designing and building their own remote controlled vehicle.

Twelve Year 9 students were given the task of putting together a vehicle that would crawl inside a pipeline and under a bridge and clear the debris inside.

After the vehicle had been designed and constructed, students demonstrated its ability to work in front of pupils from eight other Cambridge schools including The Leys School, St Mary’s School, Linton Village College and The Beechwood Focus School.

The students were required to produce a portfolio of their design work as well as design, build and test it all with a limited kit of materials, in just three hours.

‘Perse Team 3’ – Isabel Painter, Isabelle Goodman, Ian Pebody and Theo Hatcher  won the teamwork trophy.

Dr Serrita McAuley, Engineering Technology Technician at The Perse said: “Each year a new engineering challenge is set, usually involving wood work, electronics and application of the laws of physics. This challenge gave our students a taste of what engineering is like in the real world where they may not have the luxury of time, where there are tight deadlines and where budgets are limited. All of the students did a fantastic job with their designs and implementation.

“They all had to think outside the box, overcome several obstacles and therefore they deserve a lot of credit for their determination to succeed”.

‘Perse Team 2’ – Wendy Hau, Suzanna Arbide, Oliver Cotterill and Patrick Beart also completed the challenge successfully getting their vehicle across to the finish line in under 5 seconds which scored them an extra 5 points. Perse Team 1 comprising Seth Crowther, Rachel Bentham, Henry Clark and Agnes Prager also had a design with great aesthetics.

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