The Perse School

Prep pupils move and shake for mindfulness

9 Feb 2017

The entire Prep school came together for the third annual Well-being Week which culminated in a two-day programme that saw students working with one another learning how to articulate, express and deal with their emotions.

The day began with whole-school aerobics on the playground. The children practised both energetic moves to get their blood pumping, and more calming routines which focussed on clearing the mind.

A whole host of activities were planned out, aiming to get the pupils to understand how to take good care of both their physical and mental health. Year 3 began the day with a “Happy stuff” session during which they discussed what poems they had read which calmed them, excited them or simply made them laugh. Years 3, 4 and 5 came together to watch the visiting artist, Saul, from the “Junk Orchestra” use everyday materials to make instruments. Later on, the year groups separated into their classes and made guitars out of cereal boxes and elastic bands, and drums out of old baked bean and apricot tins, before all performing together at the end of the day.

Over the day children learned about: first aid, how to cope in an emergency, resilience, ways of breathing, a mindfulness maze and making coping wheels and distraction boxes. Every form had Kung Fu training and Year 5 were able to appreciate the great outdoors with den making, making fires, and preparing their own hot chocolate.

Staff, who have enjoyed the activities as much as the pupils, praised the way that children and staff rose to the challenge of learning to “connect, take notice, give, learn and discover, be healthy and care” – all skills to practise over the half term break.

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