The Perse School

Cross country runners embrace tough final

20 Dec 2016

The Perse School Girls Cross Country running team competed in the national finals in December.

The Perse team was one of just 24 teams selected from over 500 schools across the country.

The team of five girls from Year 9 competed against 140 other young women, running a gruelling 2.8km off-road course.

Sophie Smart (Captain) explains more about the race..

“As we arrived on a cold cloudy morning, we walked the course (2.8km) studying which side of the path to take for the sharp corners as well as which obstacles to avoid i.e. tree roots, stones, brambles, puddles, particularly soft sand etc. We lined up in our pens, with the realisation we were going to have to run like clappers and dig in up the steep sand dunes and long rocky paths. The race was hard as it tested all our abilities for running but we were a determined group.  We finished 14th and were all really pleased with our achievements, considering it is the first time girl’s team from the school has reached this level. Individual highlights of the race were Lotti Knights finishing 37th and Charlotte Laing 39th who finished the course in just under 11 minutes. Every member of the team has also qualified for the county rounds of the individuals’ competition on 21 January 2017″.


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