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‘Finding Nemo’ at Ascent Camp

4 Nov 2016

Year 10 pupil Rhys Pook shares his experience of going on the recent PES Ascent Group trip to Stonewall Park in Kent.

Friday started early at 6.30am for the advanced party where they set up camp starting with the main HQ, then sectional HQs, fuelled by a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, tomatoes, hash browns and baked beans.

Soon the campsite was ready to welcome the full troop, all one hundred and fifty four students! After tours of the site and setting up patrol sites it was time for the first ‘flag break of Camp’. After this students took part in games such as ‘capture the flag’ and ‘forty-forty in’ followed by a full troop campfire, complete with singing and hot chocolate.

Saturday marked the first day of rotations, with Earth and Air on bush-craft and Fire and Water on Navigation and canoeing.

Students on the bush-craft did a day of fire lighting, carving, pioneering and preparing their pigeon stew for dinner. The students on rotations tackled Mr Ingram’s navigation course around the site with some groups achieving excellent times. On the canoeing rotation students played some games, raced each other and learnt some new paddling skills on the lake.

Dinner for these students was Pesto pasta with chorizo and chicken and for dessert Eton Mess. The whole troop then had a sectional campfire where they reflected on the first day of camp and practised their new sectional songs followed by an early bed time ready for another action packed day of rotations.

On Sunday, the troop switched rotations and in the evening took part in the epic wide game, which was based on ‘Finding Nemo’. This had all the students running around the site collecting tokens from bases where they had to complete various challenges such as a water pistol target shooting and apple bobbing. They also had to run away from ‘squishies’ who were trying to catch them. It was great to see all students running around and competing together as patrols to win the wide game for their section.

A great deal of hard work was put in by the Year 10’s to plan such a successful wide game. In the end the wide game was won by Fire section and they got to canoe on the lake in a dragon boat and save Nemo from the evil Darla, watched on the bank by all the other students cheering them on. To finish off camp the whole troop sat around the campfire singing songs and drinking hot chocolate – what a brilliant trip.

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