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Clans, campfires, carving and camouflage

22 Nov 2016

Benjamin Abbott, Year 9, shares his experience of PES Camp.

If glamping and airbeds are not for you, then PES Wilderness might be!

For me, PES is a distraction from a world of timetables, schedules and a culture of increasing health and safety. Don’t get me wrong, there are rules regarding health and safety on camp and around cutting-tools in particular, but there is freedom. When else do you have the time to just sit around a fire, talking to friends and whittle a piece of wood?

Over the course of three and a half days, after setting up camp and establishing Clans, we had in depth teaching sessions in bushcraft skills and in our chosen specialty; for example, fire-starting techniques, camp craft and food preparation in the outdoors. We carved pumpkins, had a massive ‘wide game’ where we put into practice our camouflage and stealth training and, to incorporate some action, there were a few archery games and activities too. At the end of every day we sat around a big camp fire, enjoyed sing-songs and told stories before going to bed in our tribe’s tipi tents.

Each clan had a separate camp area, sheltered by a parachute, for cooking and eating under. The food was prepared by fellow clan Foragers every day, except one meal, where everyone got involved in making the big ‘Clan Banquet’. The Fires for cooking over were lit by the Fire-starters and the Hunters made use of natural materials to build us benches, tables and cutting areas. PES Wilderness is a combination of bushcraft skills, friendships, freedom and fun.


PES WG Hibernation Camp took place at Stonewall Park, Kent

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