The Perse School

Team-Building Challenges Prove a Success

21 Oct 2016

Year 9 pupils enjoy a day of team-building activities for their first Enrichment Day of the year.

The school fields were taken over with a series of 30 physical challenges for the pupils to tackle in their teams. Challenges included navigating each other through a maze while blindfolded and  crossing a chasm using only three planks of wood.  On completing each task, pupils were encouraged to score themselves on planning, communication, working together and execution, with points being added to the team total.

Throughout the day, students realised that planning and cooperation goes a long way. While most challenges were completed in around 15 minutes, Mrs Drinkwater’s team showed incredible determination by persevering for over an hour on one particular activity. The relief was palpable when the ‘hover ball’ finally passed through the hoop successfully!

The day ended with a couple of larger competitions, where teams were split into two and were asked to pass a baton from one side to the other, with the gap gradually increasing after each successful pass. The winning teams somehow managed to scale a gap of over 7 metres. The final challenge was a running race between teams, ending with a dash through the legs of fellow team-mates before a desperate dive for a prize in the middle of the circle!

Points were totted up and results were announced, with an incredibly tight finish between the top three teams.  Team Bumblebee (aka “The Wilkin Warriors”) were the winning team just half a point ahead of Team Exclamation Mark and Team Jammy Dodgers.


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