The Perse School

Students develop leadership skills with the RAF

3 Oct 2016

The Perse RAF group spent a day at the cadet training site at RAF Waterbeach.

Year 10 pupil Ben Heath explains more…

We had a lesson about how to cook our 24 hour army ration packs and how to set up our sleeping shelters. After that, we spilt up into our flights and commenced rotations, learning camouflage and concealment, first aid, leadership qualities and shooting clay pigeons. After this, Sergeant Sanderson taught us military techniques for moving around stealthily.

Our corporal Alex told us to prepare for some night exercises. We had to move around the base without getting caught. We had to work in our flights, trying to navigate to checkpoints, where some leadership tasks were waiting to be completed.

We went to bed feeling exhausted after a long day. When we woke Staff Sergeant Bradley took us for some physical training to wake us up! We had breakfast and packed down our shelters. After, we played laser tag for 3 hours in the forest, it was very energetic!! When that finished, we were treated to a BBQ, courtesy of Staff Sergeant Bradley. After we had all eaten and had packed down HQ, we returned back to school. It was a great weekend, was extremely enjoyable and we all learned lots of new skills.

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