The Perse School

Pupils Celebrate National Poetry Day

6 Oct 2016

Children at the Perse Prep School celebrate National Poetry Day with a visit from local poet Tony Mitton. Tony performed a range of his poems to children in Years 3-5 in a performance that was full of interaction, fun and excitement.

The children were spell-bound as they listened to Tony perform different types of poems that have been published in one of his many books.  Tony Mitton is one of the best children’s poets writing today. Perse children enjoyed interacting with Tony during his performances, helping to add words to poems to make them rhyme.

Tony is well known for his views that “poetry can help us see the magical in the ordinary” and that was certainly true on National Poetry Day, as he taught the children that they can squeeze a poem out of anything.

Here are some of the views of the children.

“I love funny poems that make me laugh.”

“Poetry is like a singing story.”

“I like poems that rhyme and I also like silly poems.”

“I like poems that rhyme the best.”

Everyone really enjoyed listening to Tony’s poems and have been inspired to write more of their own poems.

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