The Perse School

All Aboard the Hogwarts Express!

17 Oct 2016

Mysterious Magic Revealed!

Harry Potter, Hermione and even Dumbledore could be identified amongst the excited Year 5 children dressed up for their magical day at the Warner Bros. Studio.  Adorned in Gryffindor accessories and brandishing wands, Year 5 set off in search of magic, excitement and fun and they were not disappointed.

Children learned about the fascinating process of transforming a novel into a film and were given a fabulous insight into set design, costume and model creation.  One Year 5 pupil claimed that “meeting Dobby was just magical”.

Children were given the opportunity to climb aboard the Hogwarts Express and to look out of the window at flying cars and ghostly apparitions.

Highlights also included wand training, knocking on the door of number four Privet Drive and sampling delicious butterbeer which one student compared to “creamy caramel Coca-Cola”.

The magnificent model of Hogwarts twinkling in the dusk created a marvellous finale of the children’s tour.

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