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The Perse hosts International Education Conference

23 Sep 2016

Teachers from around the world are being hosted by The Perse School this week as they meet to share best practice and discuss some of the key issues facing schools in the 21st Century.

The SAGE conference (Strategic Alliance of Global Educators) is formed from a group of leading schools from Australia, China, Denmark, Finland, India, Singapore, Taiwan, and the USA.

This week delegates have been discussing a range themes including pupil health and wellbeing, global perspectives on educational excellence and educating the digital generation.

The conference was attended by a host of high profile speakers with an interest and specialism in a wide range of areas including education, research, digital development and children’s wellbeing issues.

The conference was opened by George Freeman MP, with Director of the Innovation Unit Valerie Hannon and Founder of the Wolfram Group Conrad Wolfram, as keynote speakers.

Xia Lei, Deputy Director of Shanghai No 3. High School for Girls says the conference has given him lots of ideas to take back to his school. In particular the way that British schools encourage pupils to take part in extra-curricular activities.

“There’s such a range of outdoor learning here. We are mostly focussed on academic learning back home, but I can see that the range of outdoor activities teaches children things like how to work together. Our culture does not encourage children to learn in this way but I can see the benefits of this now.”

Yeo Pei Li works at Nanyang Girls High School in Singapore and has been challenged to think more about the content of the curriculum and its relevance for young people.

“We are stuck in a system of end product assessment and we need to make education more relevant for the future leaders of tomorrow”.

Head Ed Elliott believes the SAGE programme is making a real difference.

“With globalisation and advancement in technology, schools need to nurture students who can work in teams across cultural boundaries, acquire knowledge and form global connections through enhanced networks and virtual communities.

Through SAGE, Perse students have spent time in schools in Beijing, Singapore and Melbourne, making new friends and gaining insights to different cultures and ways of teaching and learning.”

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