The Perse School

Perse Pupils Go Wild in the Peak District

16 Sep 2016

The first few days focused on establishing camp, food shopping and key bush craft activities. This involved setting up the large parachutes, the new group tipis and the clan cutting areas.

Students developed a wide range of skills during the term time training sessions and were able to put these to the test. They built their own shelters out of natural materials, with many students successfully spending the night in their creations. Throughout camp, the students purchased, prepared and cooked all their meals over open fires.

This was a tough but massively rewarding challenge that required the “Tribes” working together in order to produce some fantastic meals from lamb kebabs to pocket calzones.

During the activity rotation day’s students left their new home in the forest to explore the local area and take part in a number of organised activities. Students had the opportunity to discover the well-known Roaches Skyline, climbing and squeezing their way around the rocky outcrops. Additionally, on Rudyward Lake, Clans got taken through the basics of fishing with Mr Bradley with great successes. Lastly, Clans tested their skills on the archery range as well as the much loved off-road Segway course making use of the nearby activity centre. To finish off the activities on camp, Tribes competed in an energetic dragon boat race back on the lake that really tested the group’s teamwork and singing ability.

Overall, the students demonstrated some great bushcraft skills in a real woodland setting. The final meals produced at the clan banquet, the benches and tables created, and the shelters built demonstrate how effectively the group thrived in this hard environment.

Nearly 40 students took part in the PES Wilderness Group Summer Camp staying at Barnswood Scout Campsite, Peak District

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