The Perse School

Paralympic medallist inspires Prep children

22 Sep 2016

Dream big, make failure your friend and achieve your potential! Paralympic medallist, Elizabeth Wright, gave an inspiring talk at the Prep. Elizabeth talked about her amazing Paralympic journey with vibrant enthusiasm and humour.

One of the main themes of her talk was making a friend of failure as it helps you to become better at what you are attempting to achieve. She gave a poignant example of when she had been competing in the NSW State Championships and had started the race with front crawl instead of breaststroke. She vividly portrayed her shyness and fear at the start of the race and her ensuing embarrassment. Her father gave her the choice of learning from her mistake and pursuing her dream or giving up and going home. Fortunately, Elizabeth chose to remain and realise her dream. Children listened with awe to her description of the Sydney Paralympics and watched the video of her achieving a silver medal in the 400m freestyle race and making the impossible become possible. Elizabeth ended her talk with the inspiring question: do you believe in yourself? Start believing.

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