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Bringing Education to the Slum Children of Ahmedabad

23 Sep 2016

Upper Sixth pupil, Tanika, spent her summer volunteering at a school in India, she tells us about her life changing trip.

Why I went abroad

Two years ago I was volunteering in the slums in Ahmedabad, India and it was the most rewarding experience I’d ever had, so this year when The Rajasthani Foundation organised a youth volunteering trip to Jaipur, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to do this again.

What I did there

I was teaching children who were about 7-14 years old English, maths and dance. The school was built just before we got there and its purpose was to provide slum children with an education.

What I enjoyed/found challenging

The attitude of all the children there was so inspiring – they were so keen to learn everything and it was clear how grateful they were to have the chance to be educated. It was amazing how talented and naturally intelligent they were which a lot of people probably wouldn’t have expected. However, they came with the challenge of being undisciplined – most likely because of their excitement. It was also difficult to see them leave at the end of the school day though because they had to go back to their slum lives.

My lasting memory

There are three memories that are really prominent for me: the first is when our youth group started teaching one of our classes a dance and how all the other children rushed out of their classrooms to join in and we were all together in the centre of the school.

The second memory was on the day we left, and because it was ‘World Friendship Day’ they gave us friendship bands and gave us a celebrity-like send off.

Finally, the fact that one of the children in my class, Rahul told us we had inspired him to work hard so he could come to London to study highlighted to me that we had actually made a difference.

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