The Perse School

Ascent Summer Camp

12 Sep 2016

For the first few days of this year’s camp the weather was troublesome, with heavy rain and storms setting in most nights. However, the spirit of the pupils refused to be dampened and they threw themselves into  caving, raft building, bush-craft and orienteering.

The fourth and fifth days were filled with hiking. With mostly glorious weather, the patrols enjoyed a leisurely hike around the Peak District, completing the challenging Jacob’s Ladder – an extremely steep path near to Kinder Scout. The overnight camp was an exciting time for all, as the eagerly awaited army ration packs were handed over to the students. After a meal of questionable quality had been eaten, the troop fell in and ended an action packed day with campfire songs.

After the exertion of the previous days, the troop much appreciated a rest day. A troop Olympiad took place, including such events as wellie wanging, the limbo, speed porridge eating and ultimate Frisbee.

Excursion day is always greatly anticipated by the whole troop, and there was no change this year. All 150 students went to Alton Towers for a day of adrenaline filled fun. After this, the students thought they were returning to camp, however the coach got ‘high-jacked’ for a surprise wide game. The nuclear fallout themed game was staged at the ruins of Errwood Hall and involved plenty of running and tactical planning.

The next day was the day of Cordon Bleu – the most challenging meals that the Food Quarter Masters must prepare – and the Campfire of Dreams, during which the roles for the next year would be announced. It is awaited with trepidation and excitement. All patrols produced outstanding meals, with one patrol totalling seven courses. Finally, the annual cabaret was held, which saw comedic sketches and musical acts performed, leaving the whole troop in stitches with laughter.

The next day was the final day for all students in Year 7 – 9, who all managed to pack camp away efficiently, and boarded the coaches tired, smelly but smiling. Every student who participated in PES Ascent Summer Camp acquired lots of new skills, and each person made memories that they will cherish. The camp was extremely successful and we would like to congratulate every member of the troop on their superb efforts.

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