The Perse School


8 Jul 2016

Two Sixth form teams led mock campaigns for Remain and Leave over the past few weeks with presentations to the whole school of the key arguments, a fiercely contested debate and the casting of hundreds of votes across four ballot stations on the same day as the actual EU referendum.

Turnout amongst the student population was 77%. The number of votes cast for the option ‘Remain a member of the European Union’ was 491. The number of votes cast for the option ‘Leave the European Union’ was 142. As a school, our result is out of step with the country as a whole, but in step with the vote in the city of Cambridge.

A group of politics A level students from The Perse also attended the Kettering count for the Referendum. As well as counting votes, they were assigned the role of deputy supervisors which involved managing groups of ten counters, distributing and collecting ballot papers and ensuring the accuracy of the verification and count procedure. The students then had the opportunity to follow the extraordinary events unfolding on the national scene as it became clear that the country had made the historic decision to leave the EU.

Remain campaign:

Garret Shannon (Debater)
Wafia Zia (Debater)
Emily Nethsingha
Hannah Rashbass

Leave Campaign:

Wilf Wheatley (Debater)
Liberty Howson-Smith (Debater)
Sam Mitchinson
Amy Esterhuizen

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