The Perse School


8 Jul 2016

Year 3 children had a fabulous day stepping back in time to Ancient Greece to experience a taste of what life was like in Athens.

A bustling Athenian market was the backdrop for a variety of fascinating workshops in which children made and used beeswax writing tablets; stirred ink to paint on tiles; pressed olives to create oil for lamps; carved designs on soap; mixed herbs to create medicines; used tesserae to design mosaics and pinched clay to form charms.

In the afternoon, there was a banquet to celebrate a great victory over the Persians, with exciting entertainment such as dancing, theatre and military demonstrations. Highlights of the celebrations included dramatisation of the Medusa myth and an Aesop’s fable. The children looked splendid in their costumes.

Many thanks to the parent helpers whose assistance made the whole day such a success.

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