The Perse School

Indian summer

8 Jul 2016

Students and staff are working with pupils and teachers in Bangalore, India this summer. The Perse party are guests of the Christel House school there, set up to provide a route out of poverty for disadvantaged children.

The group is settling into education, Indian style, where assemblies include meditation. They have been helping pupils read, taking maths, composing music and even teaching students to play rounders! They have also taken the opportunity to visit the local community and also went on on a cultural trip to Mysore with Christel House pupils, visiting Tipu Sultan’s summer palace and Mysore Palace.

The Perse has a long-standing partnership with the Christel House charity, and this year raised more than £18,000 to support their work to transform children’s lives through education. Students who are members of our Christel House art club created a scrapbook of UK culture, to the delight of their Christel House peers.

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