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Budding researchers enjoy garden party

8 Jul 2016

Year 8 students who had completed the Perse Project Qualification and Year 7s who carried out mini investigations celebrated the outcomes of their endeavours at our annual research garden party.

Whilst enjoying some cakes and drinks, pupils were given the opportunity to discuss their projects with the friends, prefects and teachers that had come to the lunchtime party. The variety of subjects explored in these projects was remarkable.

The Perse Project Qualification (PPQ) is an independent study opportunity which saw pupils pursue self-directed research into a question of their choice, culminating in a written essay and short presentation at a ‘feedback fair’ in the Summer term. All pupils who completed a project were presented with a PPQ Certificate, with particularly exceptional entries being awarded with a ‘Distinction’.

The Year 7s had the opportunity to complete a mini project, as a precursor to the PPQ in Year 8. Pupils undertook their research and writing-up outside of curriculum time, helping to develop valuable skills in time management and organisation. To advise, support and stretch the pupils, a specialist teacher-supervisor met with them at key milestones. For many pupils, this was the first taste of ‘university style’ self-directed and supervisor-supported research.

In Year 7, the projects ranged from ‘Genetics of Autosomal Recessive Conditions’, to ‘South African Hospitals compared to British Hospitals’ and ‘How did Trade and Religion influence Japanese food?’.

The Year 8 projects were equally as diverse: ‘Why do people practice superstition?’; ‘How do written words form meaning?’; ‘Why are Sussex Spaniels rarer than Giant Pandas?’; ‘Should Human Cloning be legalised?’ and ‘Can we make artificial wormholes, and is it ethical?’ – to name but a few.

The garden party was a lovely way to recognise and celebrate the hard work of the Year 7 and Year 8 students. Congratulations to everyone on their fascinating projects.

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