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Visits from local Primary Schools

17 Jun 2016

Earlier in June, The Perse was delighted to welcome two schools – Colville Primary School and Fen Ditton Primary School – for day visits. These visits aim to give primary school pupils a taste of secondary school life, and enable them to have fun getting to know new subjects in specialist labs and classrooms, with secondary school level equipment. The pupils experienced an array of activities in different subjects.

On the 7th June, we welcomed pupils from Colville Primary School. In the morning, there was a carousel of activities for the pupils in Classics. These activities involved putting the storyline of Greek myths back in the right order, using Roman Numerals to solve Maths problems, using the Greek alphabet to put words into Greek, and to decipher Greek words.

In the afternoon, the pupils were introduced to Technology at the Perse. All of the students learnt how to put together a kit that the teachers had designed, and how to make a balloon powered car. The students spent some time decorating and constructing their car, involving the use of basic hand tools, and after they had finished, the judging began! Prizes and medals were awarded to each group for best decoration, neatness of construction, best name and best performance. All of the students also received a certificate for ‘car building excellence’.

Fen Ditton Primary School visited on the 9th June. The students took part in Computing activities in the morning of their visit. They became our first students to use the brand new micro:bit computers which the BBC has sent out to all schools this year. First, they learnt how to connect up the micro:bits, and get them to respond to a program written on the BBC website using the Touch Develop editor, which mimics conventional written programming languages. In no time, the students were able to get their own messages scrolling across the LED screen of the devices. There was everything from ‘Computing Fun at the Perse’, to complicated animations of smiley faces and hearts!

After break, the students started working on creating their own version of the reactions game ‘Bop It!’. This entails getting the micro:bit to choose a random action, display a message and check whether the user performs the right action… whilst keeping score! Students were soon pressing buttons, tilting and shaking the little computers and gleefully watching their scores mount. For most students, this was their first ever experience of programming and they thoroughly enjoyed it, with many of them delighted to hear the recent announcement that micro:bits will be on general sale soon as they didn’t want to have to wait until they reach Year 7 to do more programming!

In the afternoon, our visitors took part in an hour long drama workshop with Esme Mahoney and Zoe Coxon, the English and Drama Graduate Assistants. After lots of games to warm up, the group learnt about the use of tableau or freeze frames as a dramatic device, creating several engaging scenes and using lots of skills which had been brought out during the games. They were an enthusiastic and imaginative group, who had a lots of fun whilst learning about drama!

We hope that the students from Colville Primary School and Fen Ditton Primary School enjoyed their visit, and that they have now gained a better insight into the subjects and general life at a secondary school.


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