The Perse School

Prep students become Celtic warriors for the day

15 Jun 2016

Travelling back in time to the Iron Age and transforming into Celtic warriors for the day; Year 4 had a wonderful experience at the Celtic Harmony Camp in Hertfordshire this week. The organisation aims to provide natural and cultural heritage education in the environment of a reconstructed Celtic Iron Age settlement. Children experienced what it was like to be part of a tribe and enthusiastically embraced the dynamic team-building activities and Iron Age challenges.

Year 4 Celts had a fabulous time preparing for battle with face painting of Celtic symbols and warrior training. Needless to say, their magnificent efforts secured a resounding victory against the Roman army, some of whom bore an uncanny resemblance to Perse Prep teachers.

As well as warrior training, children traded with Celtic coins, crafted their own headbands and set out on a woodland quest fraught with peril. A real highlight of the day was target archery in the woods during which pupils learned to use a bow and arrow with style.

A marvellous time travelling experience and a big thank you to our Head of History, Ms Sanders, who organised the trip.


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