The Perse School

Fascinating week of Science for the Prep

13 Jun 2016

Forensic science and solving crimes in the Botanic Gardens (Prof Glover); obstetrics and an antenatal clinic (Prof  Chappell); amazing animal encounters with a python, meerkat and lesser tenrec (Ventura Wildlife), and not to mention holding a piece of the Moon and examining a model of Beagle 2 (Shusanah Pillinger) – this week has been a truly memorable celebration of Science.

The Prep School welcomed an exciting variety of speakers. The week commenced with DNA extraction (Dr Martins), an investigation into protein (Dr Lamers) and a look at the manufacture of medicines (Mr Harrison). Children learned about chirality, the future of healthcare and enjoyed racing against a robot to identify the correct drugs (Dr Priestley and Astrazeneca). Year 4 practised as vets (Dr Skelly), whilst Year 5 explored the science behind music and singing (Mr Busher).

Is it a good idea to change your car? The school was given an interesting insight into recycling and the materials used in modern cars (Dr Bhardwaj). Talks continued on the respiratory system (Dr Mahadeva) and ‘cells: lego building blocks of life’ (Dr and Dr Mukherjee). ‘How to make friends and influence people’ gave Year 6 a thought-provoking introduction to psychology (Dr Foster).

Upper School workshops about bangs and explosions sparked the imagination and enthusiasm of Year 5, whilst DNA extraction and desert island survival succeeded in captivating Year 6. Children learned about battlefield medicine (Dr Taylor), explored engineering and manufacturing (Tim Minshall), and discovered more about asthma and arthritis (NAPP pharmaceuticals). In amongst a visit to the Life Bus, children had a design project to complete in teams as well as some Science artwork to draw. Awe-struck pupils learned about astronomy (John Craythorne and Ryan Macdonald) and were given a fascinating insight into skull-based surgery (Mr Donnelly).

The children enjoyed demonstrating their medical knowledge during an exciting quiz (Prof Chappell again) and had their eyes opened to the amazing world of vision (Mr Singh). Year 3 also had an enthralling introduction to DNA extraction using strawberries (Dr Schmitt and Dr Polonius-Teichmann).

The impressive variety of talks and workshops, many delivered by Perse parents, is a real tribute to the thirst for knowledge and intellectual curiosity in our school community.

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