The Perse School

Rookies reveal true grit

17 May 2016

On a cool Sunday morning earlier this month, 10 members of the Adventure Racing Club braved the Rookie Nuclear Races in Brentwood, Essex.

This is no regular 3k cross country running race: students faced more than 30 challenging obstacles on their way to the finish line. From monkey bars and 5 foot fences, to crawling through muddy tunnels and sliding into waterlogged ditches, they required agility, strength and perseverance to overcome the hurdles.

The course is notorious for being very muddy, which forces students to react quickly to the ever-changing terrain underfoot. Term-time training sessions helped students prepare for some of the challenges and seemed to pay off, as six students placed in the top 10 for their heat and every student successfully completed all the challenges.

Having worked together to help each other overcome the mud, fences and obstacles they wore their – very muddy – ARC tops with pride.

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