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Canoe trip ‘Dee-mands’ white water skill

5 May 2016

Report by Archie Bowman, Year 9

On Friday 29th of April, 10 excited members of the Canoe Club made the five hour journey to the River Dee in Wales. Despite the occasional downpour and persistent mud, we all had an amazing time and developed our canoeing and kayaking skills in white water.

The weather was changeable, one minute it was so hot that you considered jumping in to cool off, then five minutes later your ears hurt from the sound of hail stones hitting the river. I was in the Kayak group which was led by Andy and Mr Parker, who were both keen to show off their moves and got dangerously close to falling in.

The most entertaining part of the trip was when Jim, the Yorkshireman canoe instructor, showed us that when confronted with a tree in the middle of a river you don’t just avoid it, but instead tie it to a winch and haul it out of the way! Once again proving that nothing can get in the way of Canoe Club.

It was really enjoyable navigating the River Dee with some very challenging white water rapids to negotiate. There were many times when we all felt that at any moment we could be tipped in, but we need not worry because that’s half the fun.

We are all looking forward to the big River Tay trip in the summer where we can continue to improve our skills and relive the experience of going down white water rapids!

It was a brilliant trip which wouldn’t have been possible without Mr Parker and the rest of his brave staff. When it finally came to wave goodbye to the Dee, we were all sad to leave this great river behind, but won’t forget the great memories that we made.

Watch the short film of the pupils in action.

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