The Perse School

Art detectives investigate human form

13 May 2016

Year 6 had a fabulous trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum as part of their study of the human form.

Children were taught to become art detectives and to appreciate the different ways the human form has been depicted in art over the centuries.  They travelled through time, starting with investigation of clues on the lid of an Ancient Egyptian tomb followed by consideration of Roman sculpture.

The next step along the timeline was the Tudors and discussion of a beautiful portrait of Elizabeth Vernon, Countess of Southampton.  Children were encouraged to analyse her clothes, her mask-like make up and how fashion plays with the human form.

A fascinating portrait by Millais of identical twins Kate and Grace Hoare demonstrated how personality can be conveyed through portraiture.  The final piece of art was sculpture by Henry Moore which portrayed how an artefact can convey a variety of meanings when viewed from different perspectives.

The outing will serve as inspiration for a number of short projects focused on the human form including drawing, modelling simple figures with pipe cleaners, papier mâché and watercolour studies.

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