The Perse School

A feast of uni-style research at feedback fair

5 May 2016

How do written words form meaning?

Do we need modern suffragettes?

Why are Sussex Spaniels rarer than Giant Pandas?

Just three of the fascinating subjects that Year 8 pupils chose to investigate for their Perse Project Qualification.

This week, they met to share their findings with their peers, other students and staff at a ‘feedback fair’ – a veritable celebration of intellectual curiosity and scholarship. Attendees were blown away by the high standard of the research on show and the imagination demonstrated by the diversity of topics.

The Perse Project Qualification gives these young pupils their first taste of ‘university style’ self-directed and supervisor-supported research.  Pupils undertake independent study into a question of their choice, culminating in a written essay and short presentation at the feedback fair.

Undertaking research outside curriculum time helps pupils develop valuable time management and organisation skills.  Each is allocated a specialist teacher-supervisor who meets them at key milestones in the project to review their progress and provide advice, support and stretch. Pupils also share their experiences with their peers through an online Schoology Group.

All pupils who complete a project are awarded a PPQ Certificate, with the opportunity for ‘Distinction’ awards for particularly exceptional entries.


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