The Perse School

Unearthing the past

20 Apr 2016

Students with a fascination for archaeology finished off their year of study by handling objects from the Paleolithic to the post-medieval periods at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

The visit enabled them to inspect tools, decorative items and ceremonial and ritual objects in order to study the archaeology of Cambridge and the surrounding area. Lorena Bushell, Education and Outreach Officer at the museum, then took the group around the display cabinets relating to Cambridge, explaining the main phases of settlement.

During the course of the year the group has met once a fortnight to learn about archaeological techniques and important sites in Britain. In collaboration with Oxford Archaeology (East) the students also participated in the continuing community excavation of an important Romano-British villa at Fane Road, Peterborough.

Our enrichment programme gives students the chance to explore interests outside of the core curriculum.

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