The Perse School

Ecfric and Sigeberht at the Prep

29 Apr 2016

Anglo Saxon Britain was brought to life for Prep pupils this week with a series of fascinating workshops, dramatisation of stories and an exciting re-enactment of a battle.

Year 4 children have been studying the period in History and they had a wonderful day experiencing different aspects of Saxon life.

Pupils were introduced to Saxon costume and given the opportunity to try on an array of Saxon outfits.  Children learned about Viking runestones and created inscriptions for one.  They were invited to step into the shoes of an archaeologist and to examine archaeological evidence through excavation of a Saxon grave.  They considered the different properties of the materials and even met a friendly skeleton!

Budding actors had a fantastic time acting out the story of King Penda.  The climax of the day was an animated re-enactment of the battle between King Penda and the East Anglian kings, Ecfric and Sigeberht.

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